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“I don’t believe in biographies as they don’t tell the whole story. My story is not ready yet.” Jarkko Sjöman is a seaman by name, a curious, restless soul by nature. Born and raised in Finland by the Baltic Sea, he speaks through his art to express his passion and fear for this natural element.

“I disapprove of labels on people. I disapprove of labels on art. Freedom only happens when we break these fucking chains on our ways of thinking.” Jarkko has a history that is nobody’s business but his own. It has been his business to use his talents in as many ways as he has felt right.

Whether in his role as a banker, a social media influencer, an artist. He is all these and none of these. It is his business to remain an enigma - a sailor, an explorer. “I speak through my art - loud and fiercely. I keep on telling what I see in the open sea that dwells inside me."

Whether you want to listen or not, it is up to you.

”My expressions are expressions of love and hunger for life, freedom.”

The story continues.



Helsinki (Finland) 09.01.-24.01.2021

- Milan (Italy) 23.04.-02.05.2021

- Fuerteventura (Spain) 28.01.-03.02.2022
- Osaka (Japan) 26.04.-01.05.2022

- Monaco (Monaco) 24.06.-26.06.2022
- Turku (Finland) 08.07-31.07.2022

- Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 24.09.-16.10.2022

Exhibitions to be announced 2022:
Barcelona (Spain)
Madrid (Spain)

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